Saturday, January 1, 2011

MMA Live with Chael Sonnen . . .

. . . made me realize Sonnen's an idiot and loser scum. The first sign was that his jacket didn't fit him. He has, apparently, gained some weight over the holiday season, shall we say, and didn't buy a new jacket. Normally, I don't notice (or care) about that kind of thing, but this is national television. Still, okay, that's not it.

The next bit was when he called San Luis Obispo "San Louis Obiscopo". I was, "Dude, really?" It was embarrassing.

But the big this is that I don't like it when my intelligence is insulted. After losing to Anderson Silva, Sonnen's piss test came back hot. He got caught taking steroids. At an appeals hearing, he said he pissed hot because he was undergoing testosterone replacement therapy and he claimed that he told some doctor that he was undergoing TRT . . .

Well, no. Like everywhere, California has laws concerning professional sports. There is a specific form that an athlete has to disclose by a specific date that includes all drugs that they're taking. This is, indeed, part of any urine analysis. They need to know what's in your body that might effect the drug screenings. On that form, the only form that counts in this regard, Sonnen was not forthcoming. And as with all things legal, ignorance is not an excuse. It doesn't matter if Sonnen thought he'd fulfilled his obligations by telling a doctor on the California State Athletic Commission. What matters is the form. Hell, it's not even a silly, frivolous rule. Since a copy of that form is what gets sent along with the urine sample for screening, since that's the form that the lab doing the screening actually sees and informs their decision about what tests to do and what biases to take, you can't even say that it's just meaningless bureaucracy.

Unless you're Chael Sonnen. Rather than show some respect and admitting there was a bureaucratic hassle, that he just didn't file the proper paperwork at the proper time, and it won't happen, again, he decided, instead, to repeat a bunch of lies and blame the CSAC. His ego is so fragile that rather than saving face, he repeated a lie.

It isn't even a particularly good lie. He's a professional athlete. He should have had his testosterone checked well before the pre-fight piss test. Because the CSAC's rules say that testosterone replacement therapy can't be used to exceed specific (and reasonably high) values. Regardless of whether the testosterone was legally obtained, he was still over the legal limit of testosterone for purposes of being roided up. Controlling his medication to fit inside the legal limit is his responsibility and, regardless of other issues, he failed. Not the CSAC but Chael Sonnen. He wouldn't have been in this bind at all if he'd been responsible about his drug use.

So, fuck that guy. I don't like mincing, mealy-mouthed braggarts who can't pronounce the words they use and whose suits don't fit right.

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