Monday, July 8, 2013

BBC headline: "Egyptian interim leader calls for calm". Translation: "Forget the coup that happened and accept your new overlords".

The language of newspapers is, to me, fascinating.  So, the Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party, with nearly half the seats in the Egyptian Parliament, "has accused the army of staging a coup".  To me, that's fascinating.  The BBC isn't calling the coup a coup, it's just reporting that some people in Egypt are calling it a coup.  Why the hesitation to call a spade a spade?  When the army tosses a constitution in the garbage, arrests a legally elected head-of-state and then puts their own stooge in power, that's a coup.  That's pretty much the dictionary definition of a coup.  But they can't call it that, they merely "report" that people in Egypt are calling it a coup.

Then, in a move that stunned, well, it didn't stun me, the Egyptian army committed a massacre.  But the BBC asks, "Who fired first?"  How about this, BBC, who fucking cares?  Even if the official story is true and the protesters tried to charge machinegun nests to overcome the Presidential Guard barracks - where the deposed leader of Egypt was reputed to be staying - the army is still the bad guys because the committed a coup!  That fact, that illegal, constitution destroying fact, justifies action against the tyrants who deposed a legally elected leader.  Even if the army was attacked, by fighting back against people moving to secure the legal President of Egypt merely worsens their crimes.  That they shot kids in the process is just icing on the cake.

The the absurdity increases.  There are just layers of newspeak going on.  The White House has said it is not aligned with any political movement in Egypt but cutting military aid to Egypt is not in US interests.  So . . . America isn't supporting any political movement, just the Egyptian army . . . ?  It's bafflingly stupid. As statements go it's literally self-contradictory, it literally contradicts itself in the same statement, but the BBC does not deign to notice the absurdity of what the White House said or what it reported.

And this is one of the most respected new sources in the world!  But they refuse to use common language to describe events, they dutifully report on things that make absolutely no sense without also reporting that it makes no fucking sense.  That Washington is spewing out statements that make no sense is, itself, a story, guys!  It's a story that Washington is lying, saying one thing ("We don't support any political group in Egypt!") while doing another ("Giving weapons to the very army that performed the coup.").  That's relevant, but unreported.

It's fascinating and black humor all at the same time.

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