Monday, June 9, 2014

Another bad psychiatrist!

I actually forgot a psychiatrist!  This story is mostly funny but very much a Miami story.

I only saw the woman twice.  It was during that period before we were in the house, here, and I had decided to drive up to Lauderdale to see if things were better, there.  They weren't.

The first time, we did the intake interview.  She kept on with the current medication I was on, no changes.  The next and last time we met, I mentioned how I hated living in Miami.

Said she, "Oh, Miami is great!"

Full stop.  That is simply bad mental health care.  It was not her place to argue with me over my opinion about Miami.  I am allowed to hate it.  I knew, at that moment, I would not be returning.

She went on to say that Miami was great because the Keys were so close, and the Bahamas, plus Tampa Bay is SOOOOO beautiful!

Think about that for a second.  Her list of good things about Miami all involve leaving Miami!  Well, I can certainly get behind that.  I think the best thing about Miami is leaving it, too!

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