Friday, November 4, 2011

The Joys of Mental Illness

In my previous post, I discussed my fallout with the Miami Secular Humanist's Meetup group. In the comments, something really interesting just happened, and by interesting I mean awful.

One of the commentors, Anthony Camilo, did one of those sarcastic parting shots that online dudes do when they're withdrawing from a conversation but feel the urge to get in some kind of last word. I'm certainly done it, recently, even.

Except . . . the subject we were talking about was, in part, my mental health. Let me lay out what he said, so you don't have to go fetch it from my last post:

Let me start by apologizing for each and every word I've written on your blog. I have been extremely unfair to you and after reflecting up on it I must admit that you are a reasonable human being and a well adjusted man who displays no sociopathic behavior whatsoever and is clearly in full control of all his faculties. A man who has empathy for others and has firm grasp on reality. There is not a hint of paranoia in you. You are also a paragon and hero to all those who are dealing with mental illness and most would be proud to call you their spokesman.

So, he basically calls me a sociopath who isn't in control of my faculties. To wit, he's saying what I've been quite honest about: I am mentally ill.

Which means he's mocking a sick person. He's making fun of my mental illness. I wonder if he also mocks people in wheelchairs?

Which is today's lesson about being mentally ill and the discrimination that mentally ill people face.

Edit: He removed the offending post. Too bad I'd already copied it here. D'oh! But before he did that, probably while responding to my post where I just said he should be sarcastic better, he posted:

You are a piece of shit and a douche-bag?

Classy, man, just classy. Then he deleted everything, made another sarcastic post (!!). Maybe this time he'll actually give up. Who can say?

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  1. I also wanna point out in one of his deleted posts - I still have the text of it, because I get mailed the content of all the posts on this blog - he said he was one of those dudes who really liked it when people slapped sense into him when he was being a dipshit.

    Well, I think it's pretty unequivocal, now, that he's been a dipshit and he responded not with apology, but more sarcasm. Oh, yeah! He never really understood how transparent he was, that I knew he was this guy, this guy who lies and mocks the sick, that he has some really nasty personality traits - he didn't understand that I knew he was that kind of guy from the moment I was told that he neglected to mention that the group had decided that, hey, maybe talking about a murderer/suicide that only half the people there ever knew wasn't a great idea.