Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fuck the Second Amendment

I'm tired of the Second Amendment.

Not just the Second Amendment, really, it's just words on paper, but the attitude that its defenders have: that because of the words on paper, it's okay if 30,000 Americans a year – counting murders, suicides and accidental shootings – die.  That somehow the higher principles of the or this piece of paper are worth an entire large town being wiped out every year. 

Worse is the terrible inversion of reasoning – that somehow, despite thirty thousand gun deaths a year, it would somehow be worse if there weren't guns in our society.  That criminals, now the only people with guns, would go on unstoppable murder rampages, as if we somehow don't have murder rampages caused by gun ownership!

It's just so . . . despicable that people think clinging to their penis substitutes is worth more than the lives of thirty thousand Americans every year.  I'm tired of hearing about the Second Amendment.  Fuck the Second Amendment.  It's not worth it.

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